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Students, Parents and Community First!

We have to ensure that proposed solutions by the DPSCD School Board are actually solving an identified problem.  They must rely on accurate data and be transparent with their reporting to make decisions that allow all students to achieve their potential.

As a DPSCD School Board Member:

1.  I will seek to use existing funds to establish more local support to parents, students and community members, specifically the use of Title 1 funds and creative ways to use them to enhance effectiveness and impact.

2.  I will help with the re-establishment of the value of a quality education, kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond, and to inform all engaged of the potential benefits for students and parents. 

3.  I will work to ensure that a DPSCD School Board meeting agenda is published 24 hours prior to any public meeting, barring an emergency.  I will also work to provide a guaranteed one-week response time for parents, students and community members who ask questions, or have concerns presented during School Board meetings.


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